The need for monitoring medical records in an integrated digital system has become an essential requirement in health systems

The best methods of diagnosis and medical care, the extension of the life expectancy and the new technologies of computer science and communications require a deep knowledge that few companies have. Multiple ventures try to solve this problem with diverse fate since they generally start from concepts that lack a deep knowledge of the health system in their attention and economic visions.
Few companies and organizations in the world have a successful experience in providing and managing the medical records of thousands of people, integrating their data between multiple specialties and geographical locations, using the appropriate security standards, maintaining the time of use with or without an Internet connection and on the other hand, not being part of ancient and equivocal concepts of health systems.
Unified Medical Records System has 20 years of experience having processed hundreds of thousands of medical records, its laboratory clinical tests, its images and its pharmacological information, integrating the audit processes and the accounting and statistical information.
Being able to operate both in large cities with permanent connection and in rural communities where computer systems usually work unstably, and understanding

the need of different medical professionals for different data according to their specialties, while being able to maintain an integration and unification of all the information of a family group as well as making the information available to the patient through mobile devices.
All this done from a independent perspective of the prevailing previous concepts, and keeping an absolute data confidentiality. Understanding, on the other hand, the economic implications and having analyzed the problems encountered and the solutions developed from the perspective of better patient care and cost structure control, which today affects public and private health care systems worldwide.
Its range of applications is presented in multiple areas such as
i. Health insurance
ii. governments
iii. patients
iv. medical organizations
v. organizations of patients with certain pathologies
vi. medical tourism and travelers
vii. specific communities
We invite you to be part of the process of development and expansion of Unified Medical Records System.